DIY Dinosaur Dig

My guys are really into dinosaurs at the moment so we went on a little dino dig!

Part 1 - The Dig

You will need:

Clay (Any kind - air dry, or left over clay)
Tools (whatever you've got - pallet knives, little hammer & chisel, paint brushes for cleaning)
Magnifying glass
Water (If using real clay)
Mini toy dinosaurs or dinosaur bones

Wrap a few dinos in clay and give them the tools to go at it. Get them to clean off the finds and have a look at them with the magnifying glass afterwards.

 Part 2 - Making Dino Jewelry

 You will need:
Toy Dinosaurs
Toothpick or skewer

Use the left over clay and press a flat patty. Use the cup to cut pendants. Press the dinosaur into the pendant and poke a hole with a skewer at the top of the pendant. Make a few more beads with left overs, using the skewer for the holes. After air dried, paint the jewelry and later string it with wire - as kids find that easier to get through the holes.